Results Don't Lie!

"The proof is in the pudding". This page is our "pudding!" If your searching for PROOF, you've come to the right place! Browse around and see all of our incredible transformation and success stories. Hear first hand experiences from past 90 day members and learn how the 90 Day Program completely transformed their life from the inside out.



Julie broke through the mindset to give her the body and life she wanted, going from a size 16 to a size 6 and shedding over 27lbs in 90 days.


Terisha struggled with eating disorders, and her body her whole life. Hear how the internal shift changed everything.


Kelli learned the beliefs deep down she had that were keeping her from living her ultimate life.


Chris (Type 1 Diabetic) shed 41.25lbs & 35 inches & cut his insulin in half.


Lisa suffered from disease & the beliefs holding her back for over 20 yrs, and now she’s experiencing a completely different life.



Linda found her power and shed 37lbs in 90 days!


Julie at 61 was checked out of life hiding away and thought her life was over… listen to how everything changed by changing her mind. Shed 30lbs & 37 in in 90 days.


Nicole Shed 44.25 inches & 40 lbs in 90 Days! Still going and currently at 75 lbs+ of weight loss! Breaking the limiting beliefs that kept her struggling with her body her entire life and now the Sky is the limit on her life.


Jenny found her life going through the motions and wanted more… hear what she got out of her 90 day transformation to now seize her life



Harmony found harmony in her life learning the tools to break the internal blocks


Hear how Chris shed DOUBLE the WEIGHT in HALF THE TIME.



Meg learned the keys to let the amazing person she is out She shed 25lbs 41.75 in in 90 Days



Kammie changed her beliefs & life experience to seize it with her family Shedding 38lbs & 33 inches in 90 Days



Carlee shed 28lbs & 44 in in 90 days while modifying with a knee injury, overcoming the things that had always stopped her in the past



Liz found her happy again to allow herself to be a passionate Mom.She shed 28lbs & 23 in 90 Days



Kris got rid of her medications, her limiting beliefs and 42lbs & 32 in over 90 days



Beth fought her body her whole life but at 45 yrs old she got the guns & the freedom



Aimee became empowered to live in health for life



Amber broke through Asthma attacks & the physical symptoms that would show up to hold her back because of the beliefs she was carrying inside.



Mark found PEACE & HAPPY and got a 6 pack as a BONUS!



Deanna feels “AWESOME” but that isn’t even the best word she can find for it. She shed 22 lbs, 38 inches & her hubby lost 52 during their 90 days



Shelly got her Diabetes under control and went from un-able to get out of bed most days to a life of energy. She shed 18lb & 34 in in 90 Days



Sam Shed her Diabetes in the first 60 Days of her 90 day program.



Jenn realized the potential she can do anything