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Quick Start "Fat Burning Machine" Package

Our Price: $179.00
  • QUICK START Package
  • Bonus Audio
  • Cookbook
  • Meditations
  • Relationship to Food

Your body is a FAT BURNING MACHINE and designed to be your Ultimate Fat Burning Partner. Why then are 19 out of 20 people failing when it comes to losing weight? Results Don't Lie.... What we are doing as a society isn't working. A huge part of the challenge is that we are bombarded with mis-information keeping us confused and actually sabotaging our efforts destroying the natural ability our bodies are designed for to be our Fat Burning Partners. Nutrition equates to 80% of your results. The REALITY... you can keep riding the roller coaster of weight loss that 19 out of 20 people stay on or you can become EMPOWERED to get results and keep them for life with ease. Discover the secrets to get rid of cravings, eat every meal to be a "Fat Burning Machine" and turn your body into your Ultimate Partner to be lean for life with ease.

QUICK START Package Includes:

  • Nutrition - The First Shift - Turn Your Body into a FAT BURNING MACHINE! Audio CD
  • Bonus Audio - Marci's Natural Detox and Guide to Supplementation
  • Cookbook - "Eat to be a FAT BURNING MACHINE"
  • What is your Relationship with Food? Audio CD
  • Marci Meditations to Transform Your Life

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Marci Lock’s Natural 3-Day Detox that works with your body vs. destroying it and gets rid of cravings faster. Also featured is the Guide to Supplementation. Learn how to get double the results, 66% more muscle gains, and burn fat and calories for hours longer.

The reality is, no matter how hard you workout, you counteract your efforts if you don't know how to properly fuel your body. Nutrition = 80% of your results. The majority of people don't stick to eating healthy because they think it is hard, believe it is a sacrifice, or feel they are giving up something. It is completely possible to LOVE everything you eat, and for it to be simple, easy and delicious. You just haven't learned how yet.

This cookbook was designed to support you with over 100 amazing recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, parties, desserts, and treats that won't sabotage your success, as you will learn from the teachings of the "Nutrition 1: The First Shift - Turn Your Body into a Fat Burning Machine" and live it for life. Each meal is set up to feed your body as a fat burning machine. This cookbook also features the tricks to make it a lifestyle that is simple, quick, healthy and delicious, so you'll want to do it for the rest of your life. If you can't do it for life, you won't do it and that's why diets don't work and don't last. Instead, you can learn how to live as a Fat Burning Machine. Eat MORE, Workout LESS, and Experience breakthrough RESULTS!

"Marci Meditations to Change Your Life" created to to re-train the subconscious mind by re-programming the core beliefs attached to each realm of your life. 
Experience Marci's signature "Visualizations" to creating your perfect body of health with ease, as well as the Marci Meditation series focused on shifting the belief systems in each realm of your life. Utilizing the Marci Meditations & Visualizations allows the process of re-building the subconscious beliefs to support you in the life you want to experience.

Visualize to Materialize & guided visualizations such as:

  • Visualization to "Create the Body I Desire"
  • "See It & Believe It to Health" Visualization
  • "Let Go & Create" Visualization

Marci Meditations to Transform Your Life

  • "My Perfect Body of Health"
  • Daily Declarations To Start My Fantastical Day
  • Today
  • The Empowering Beliefs I Now Choose
  • My Money Consciousness
  • The World, Life, People & Relationships
  • Love & Gratitude
  • My Balanced Life
  • Releasing The Resistance
  • Directions for Quick Emotional Release
  • Quick Emotional Release

Have you found yourself in sabotage wondering why you are doing it? Food plays a major role in our culture involved in almost every type of experience and has been a part of our conditioning since we were born. We've associated food and learned to use it with every emotion from happy to sad, distraction and comfort, as a reward, and yes, even for SABOTAGE. How do we break the cycle?

This Marci Lock series is designed to take you through the process of discovering what your unconscious links, associations, patterns and behaviors are surrounding food and what keeps you in the constant battle.  Learn how to STOP SABOTAGE by knowing when you are using food to "Fill Up" on a "Feeling" and learn the secrets to take control. You'll also learn how to shift your associations to Dine Out Successfully, enjoy parties, holidays, and get together's without the sabotage and allow yourself to create a new experience with food that gives you the results you want.

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